Express Wash

Wash 11-18-2013 181We are excited to announce our new

Hi-Speed Express Car Wash Services starting at just $4!

  • State of the art computer and electronic sensor technology
  • Advanced cleaning formulas
  • Industry Leading Cleaning agent chemistry and fluid engineering
  • FREE Self-Service Vacuums with purchase of Car Wash

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter our car Express Wash from Buford Hwy. or North Druid Hills Rd.
  2. Proceed to our Free Prep Area (if desired)
  3. Proceed to one of our self-service Automated Pay Stations and select your Express Car Wash or Express Detail Service
  4. Proceed through our Thru Car Wash
  5. Proceed to our FREE vacuum station

Each of our packages offers premium products for your car.

Our exclusive Nitro Blast package is a paint sealant process, providing a longer-lasting shine and protection to your car.

Prefer for us to do it for you? Click to learn about our Express Detailing option.